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The Practice Advisory Group is a comprehensive practice management firm specializing in enhancing practice operations, back-office outsourcing, and practice transitions for medical and dental practices.  The firm was formed to focus on two critical categories of practice management.  The first category revolves around the fundamentals.  These include staffing, payroll, billing and collecting, accounts receivable management, human resources, financial reporting, cash flow management, and accounts payable processing.  The second category of focus is the practice enhancement area. Insurance contracts analysis and negotiations, satellite office development, physician and dentist recruitment, practice transitions, information systems applications, practice growth and development, long term planning, as well as surgery center development and credentialing are some of the key areas.

The Practice Advisory Group is not just a consulting firm.  We are a highly-skilled team of individuals who enhance the productivity and profitability of its constituent practices.  The goal of the firm is not just to provide advice on various issues, but also to actually implement this advice into the practice.  The Firm’s philosophy about business is simple.  We deliver value to the practitioner!


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The Practice Advisory Group
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